Taylor Vinson, one of our Orientation Leaders from Flower Mound, Texas is a sophomore business management major in the Cox School of Business. She is also pursuing an arts management minor in the Meadows School of the Arts! Taylor wants to share with you why you need to get pumped for Mustang Corral! 

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Excited for Mustang Corral! 

  1. Camp Corral

For two days during Mustang Corral, you get to go to camp! It’s basically like summer camp, but way cooler because you get to learn all about SMU and hang out with all of your new mustang BFFs. Exciting, right? So pack your sleeping bag, pillow, and fanny pack, and get ready for the best two days of your life! You think I’m kidding, but I’m not—so get pumped.

2. Club Corral

The first night at camp is an absolute blast! Everyone comes together for a huge dance party. There is music and lights and dancing, and it’s a great way to meet new people and have a good time! Don’t worry though, if a big dance party isn’t for you, then you can talk with other students, explore the camp grounds, or just enjoy a peaceful night under the stars.


It’s just like this, it’s awesome.

3. Night at the Club

If you are anything like me, then you’re all ready to get involved at SMU. Some of y’all might be looking for student groups, others might want intramural or club sports. No matter what you want, I know SMU has a club that is perfect for you. On Saturday afternoon, every club and organization on campus comes together to throw this huge event, so that y’all can meet everyone and sign up for everything. No matter if you want to join 1 group or 50, you should definitely stop by Night at the Club to see everything that SMU has to offer.

Check out this website to learn more about SMU student organizations! https://smu.collegiatelink.net

4. Corral After Hours

Everyone loves a good block party, right? On Saturday night, right after Night at the Club, we throw this amazing block party called “Corral After Hours!” There is food, music, games, and friends—basically everything you need to have a rockin’ good time. This is also a great time to hang out with all of your besties from Camp before the weekend is over. It really is an amazing time, so make sure you don’t miss it!


We even have food trucks!

5.Starting Your First Year

The best part of Mustang Corral is that when it ends, you are all ready to start your first year here at SMU. I know starting at SMU can seem scary and overwhelming, but I hope that by the end of Corral you are also excited! We have a saying here that goes “It All Starts at Corral,” and honestly it couldn’t be more true. The memories you make, the friends you meet, and the things you learn during Corral really set you up for your time here at SMU, so make the most of it while you can. Enjoy your time at Corral and get ready for an amazing first year!

Check out this link to #ItAllStartsAtCorral on Instagram to see the memories from the last few years.