Top 5 Misconceptions of Move-In Day

With the summer coming to a close and move-in day quickly approaching, one of our 2016 Orientation Leaders, Jac Mann-McCullick, is here to share her top 5 misconceptions of move-in day to help calm your nerves! Jac is a junior from San Antonio, TX majoring in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Photography.


  1. “I need to have everything before I get to my dorm.”

You truly don’t know what you need or want until you arrive on campus and start unpacking. It’s better to take the essentials and make a Target or Walmart run once you know exactly what you need.  Plus, going to the store can be a great break during a busy day!

  1. “I need to be the first to arrive.”

Move in is normally from about 9 am to 4 pm.  That is all day! Because of this, there is no need to rush and be at the dorm right at 9 to start unloading.  There will be staff at your residential common all day to sign you in and help you move all of your stuff into your new dorm.  So instead of rushing in the morning, sleep in, take your time, and move in when you’re ready.  This way you will be well rested and you will avoid the crowds.

  1. “It’s not cool for my parents to help me move in.”

It is not only ok for parents and families to help with move in, but it’s also encouraged! Trust me, you are going to want to your parents to be there to help unload everything, do the heavy lifting, and make your bed for you one last time before college starts. There are also tons of activities throughout the day for both you and your parents and families. So please bring your parents and family so they can be with you to start your journey as a Mustang!

  1. “Wait, where will I meet all my new friends on the first day!?”

We make sure that there are tons of exciting activities planned for the entire week! After move in, we all go to Moody Coliseum for Camp Corral kick off, so get pumped. Then after kick off, you will all go back to your Residential Commons and meet your RAs and Commons staff. They will have more fun programming for you that night so you can meet more students in your commons and bond.

  1. “I need to wear my best outfit to impress those around me.”

First impressions are important, but a smile is more impactful than fancy clothes on any occasion. You will be moving boxes of clothes and shoes, toiletries, furniture, and other things all day. Dress in what is comfortable for you, and let your smile and bright personality be the thing that defines you and makes other people want to be your friend.