How to Choose a Major

2016 Orientation Leader Josh Pearsey is here to share his tips on how to choose a major once you arrive here in the fall! Josh is a senior Accounting major from Houston, TX in the Cox School of Business here at SMU.


As a new student at Southern Methodist University, you will be expected to declare a major. You are not alone in not knowing which area of concentration to choose! People pick a major for any number of reasons and might change it once or twice before deciding what works best. Here are some helpful tips on narrowing in on a major.

Take a Variety of Classes

If you choose to focus on just one type of class early on, you might not find the major which is right for you. You should always consider every option available and not rush into anything. There is no right answer as to which classes to take, but that is up to you. Once you take a variety of different classes, you can take time to consider which meets your needs the best.

Ask Other Students

If you can, speak with students in all different sorts of majors. There is generally a pervasive idea about what a major is like. Students love to talk about their major, especially if they’re passionate about it. There are always other students to talk to and you should definitely utilize others experiences.

Talk to Professors

SMU gives students a unique experience because it is a small private university. At SMU professors are always willing to talk to students about the subject field they teach in. They are exceptionally passionate and adept at their fields. Professors can give insight into what jobs are available post-graduation and what to do while you are at school at SMU. You can email them to set up appointments or go into their office hours and talk. It also will not hurt your grade to meet with your professors. They want to help you succeed!

Use the Resources SMU Provides

The Hegi Family Career Development Center can help students decide on a major as well. SMU has a wonderful Career Center with professionals willing to help incoming students. Here is a link to the page: They can help with any number of things. There is more information on the page. In addition, just like every university, SMU provides a list of majors and minors and brief descriptions of each. Always do as much research as possible before making a decision.

Good luck deciding on a major. Welcome to SMU and we hope you have a wonderful year!