Surviving at SMU Without a Car

David Bunn, one of our 2016 Orientation Leaders from Pasadena, California, is a senior Business Management major in the Cox School of Business. David, like many of you, will arrive on campus without a car. David is here to tell you how you can easily go to SMU and enjoy all the fine things in Dallas without a car! 


You will never be at a loss to find food.

Dine at a variety of nearby restaurants like Bandito’s (Tex Mex), Olivello’s (Italian), La Madeline (French), or East Hampton (American Sandwiches). Or if you have a late night craving for cheap subs, Jimmy John’s can always deliver to your room until 2 AM. Or if you just want a place to hang out with friends, study, or take a break from the stress of school, there are two Starbucks within walking distance from campus located on Mockingbird and Hillcrest. The grocery stores are just a hop, skip and a jump away, for all your necessities! And remember, a walk-able 7/11 and CVS are open 24/7 for all of your late night emergency snack cravings.

Your spirit gear and school supplies are covered.

Guaranteed. smu dallas teamDo not take for granted all of the resources at the SMU bookstore! Not only can you find ALL of your textbooks here, but they have endless spirit gear to wear to any sporting event and even some more classy clothes that you can sport at the Boulevard. It also has a large selection of necessary college supplies such as school supplies, laundry baskets, bed comforters, and other necessary dorm room accessories. Just be careful because it’s easy to abuse your student charge!

SMU has spa and salon services available to help you de-stress from midterms.

Avalon Salons/Spa, Highland Nails and Spa, Manolo Barcelona Salon, and Snider Plaza Hair styling are a five minute walk from campus.  Guaranteed to make you feel your best!

Maintain your wardrobe without driving.

A personal favorite is Luke’s Locker which is located right next to the SMU bookstore on Mockingbird. You can find all of your workout gear here and even sign up for personal training classes. Also, Snider Plaza has some of Dallas’ favorite boutiques: The Impeccable Pig, Monalee, Cotton Island, Christy M. Boutique, and Cicada Collection, to name a few. Some brands you might recognize from back home are just across the freeway at Mockingbird Station!

There are always so many transportation options!

zip car

Ever in dire need to get downtown for dinner or a movie? The “DART”is one of the easiest things to use. “DART” tickets are less than 10 dollars for the entire year for SMU students with trips running constantly. You can also sign up for SMU’s ZipCar service! You can electronically sign up for use of a ZipCar and use it for however long you want! If you’re ever desperate for the downtown city life, a ZipCar is one of the most useful things to escape.

However, at the end of the day you will make so many friends who do have cars. I am an incoming junior and I have never been at a struggle to find friends who want to drive me places accompany me in my grocery shopping!