Residential Commons

Orientation Leader Hannah Ali, a junior double majoring in Markets & Culture and Religious Studies, is here to share a sneak peek of her favorite aspects of residential living on campus. Read below to get a taste of what living on campus at SMU will look like!


As the summer winds down, move in day gets closer and closer. Soon you’ll be finding your new home here on the Hilltop, where you will make amazing memories and even more amazing friends. Right now, SMU’s probably not feeling much like home. If you’ve gotten your commons assignment, it’s just a name on a screen to you. I can definitely remember feeling that way too, but as a Junior opting to live in my commons for a third year, I assure you your Residential Commons is going to be your favorite home away from home! Here at SMU, the Residential Commons system is composed of eleven commons, each with a different crest, motto, and community. Here’s a little bit about why I think each commons is awesome!

The Southeast Area

Armstrong: Armstrong is the most prominent of all the Southeast Area commons, as it stands front in center of the entire quad. Each year they put on the event “Artstrong,” where they encourage students to share their personal art they’ve created in the form of paintings, sculptures, dance, and even spoken word.

Crum: With other commons running a lot of spring festivities, Crum Commons definitely owns the fall. Each fall, they put on “The Great Crumpkin,” which is a film festival, thanksgiving dinner, and fall carnival all-in-one! If you’re into filmmaking, making a film to show at the festival could win you an awesome prize.

Kathy Crow: Colloquially known as KCC, Kathy Crow Commons has the best access to Arnold Dining Hall (comes in handy if you’re trying to make a last-minute food run before hitting the books). KCC is also the only commons to have a meditation room, which is great for midterm and final exam season. They also put on the event “Crowchella” every spring with food, music, flash tattoos, and tons of fun activities.

Lloyd: If you’re feeling lucky with Lloyd, you can’t miss “Luck of The Lloydians,” an annual event for St. Patrick’s Day. While there is a ton going on in Dallas for St. Patricks Day, Luck of the Lloydians never fails to unite a lot of people all over campus in good fun.

Ware: Ever been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras? (Me neither) Well you don’t have to! “Krewe Du Ware” is by far one of my most favorite events in the spring, and not just because I love crawfish. The live music, beads, and good friends really makes me feel like I’m not in Dallas anymore.

The North Area

Mary-Hay/Peyton/Shuttles: Three as one! This residential commons is actually three separate buildings, but one great community. This community is sometimes known around campus as “Mary Peyttles” and is said to have the best furniture of all the commons.

Virginia-Snider: Also known as simply VS, Virginia-Snider residents love having semesterly trivia nights. VS is also humorously known for being the commons with the most outside doors, making it easier for residents to come and go. I love going to their end of the semester event “Viesta,” which allows students to unwind with some food and fun.

The South Area

Boaz: Boaz is essentially the first home of every Mustang who has gone through AARO. It sits in the center of campus and holds many students’ first memories on campus. Boaz is also where Residential Life and Student Housing resides, which may be a useful resource for those adjusting to living on campus.

Cockrell-McIntosh: Cockrell-McIntosh is right by the the Meadows Museum of Art for anyone looking for a fun study break. Residents love the big study rooms and suite style rooms of this commons.

McElvaney: McElvaney sits in the middle of south quad and is attached to everyone’s favorite late night dining option, Mac’s Place! Residents love the warm community and traditions of this commons.

Morrison-McGinnis: Typically shortened to “Momac”, Morrison-McGinnis boasts the most single dorm rooms on campus. As a proud resident of Momac, I have to say my favorite tradition here is “momac and cheese” nights where they bring in different types of mac and cheese for everyone to try.

For even more information about the Residential Commons, read this post from last year’s blog, written by one of our 2016 Orientation Leaders, Davis Wells!