Hidden Gems of SMU

Hey New Mustangs! Now that you’ve settled into your new routine at SMU, Raj Suppiah, one of our Orientation leaders from Edmond, Oklahoma, is here to tell you all about the hidden gems of campus! We promise, you don’t want to miss this!

Hidden Gems of SMU

As a current student at SMU, I discover new resources, places, and people all the time!  There are endless opportunities here on The Hilltop that can greatly enhance your college experience.  Here’s a list of my top Hidden Gems of SMU so that you can take advantage of them starting now!

Lawyer’s Inn

  • The newest location of SMU dining services is located in the Law School Quad, so I can probably guess why it isn’t visited as much as some of the other dining locations.  But did you know Lawyer’s Inn serves Tex-Mex favorites like quesadillas and breakfast tacos?  There are also grab ‘n go options for any time of day for the typical “on-the-go” college student.  If you want great food while bypassing the busyness of the main dining halls, making the trek to Lawyer’s Inn is so worth it.


Hamon Arts Library

  • Most students choose to study in Fondren Library or in their residential commons.  My personal favorite study spot is the Hamon Arts Library.  Decorated with various pieces of art, this library also has private study rooms with audio/video capabilities.  There’s even a convenience store, called P.O.D. at the Bonelli, located close by in case you need a study snack!


 SMU Health Center

  • Believe me when I say this, you WILL get sick during your time as a college student.  Living in close encounters with so many other students causes germs to spread freely.  FEAR NOT, the SMU Dr. Bob Smith Health Center is here to help you.  Staffed with full time physicians, registered nurses, pharmacists and other medical specialists, this convenient medical clinic will have you feeling better in no time!



Your Faculty-in-Residence

  • These professors, who live in each Residential Commons, go above and beyond to enhance the sense of community here at SMU.  If you think it will be weird having a professor in your RC, don’t worry, they have a separate apartment that is secluded from student rooms. I have a great relationship with my FiR, Dr. David Son, and his family.  He tutored me when I was struggling in chemistry and his wife Heidi bakes us delicious homemade desserts every Sunday night!  All of the FiRs are great resources that have decided that learning does not stop outside of the classroom.


Amazing views 

  • My personal favorites are: top of Binkley Parking Garage facing south, 4th floor of Fondren Library looking at Downtown, 3rd floor of Dallas Hall gazing onto the Main Quad, looking up the Boulevard from the south end of Bishop, and admiring the Laura Lee Blanton Building from SMU Blvd.  You really can’t go wrong with SMU’s beautiful campus, so I’m sure you’ll find your favorite spots soon enough!


Tate Lecture Series

  • Widely attended by members of the Dallas community, the Tate Lecture Series is an esteemed program where SMU brings in notable speakers to share their wisdom and life experiences.  There is even a student forum before every lecture where you can ask the guest speaker any questions you might have.  I got the incredible opportunity to attend the lecture hosting former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice and the lecture hosting Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe!  Tickets normally range from $45-$65 per lecture, but SMU students get free admission on a first-come-first-served basis!    kellysoldout

Learning Enhancement Center (ALEC)

  • The A-LEC is a great academic resource if you’re falling behind in a class or you just want to get ahead in your studies!  They offer tutors, a writing center, learning strategy workshops, academic counseling, and more!