Food for Thought!

One of Orientation Leaders, Ray Cipriano, is a junior double majoring in Markets and Culture and Advertising. Born and raised in Dallas, he loves exploring the city, finding new restaurants and participating in local festivals. Having lived many years in the area, Ray is an expert on the best places to dine in Dallas! 

Top Restaurants in Dallas! 

Dallas is a city that can sustain any foodie’s cravings.  Part of the college experience is trying new things and what’s a better new experience than new food?! Here are many options for any type of craving you may have!

Easy Eats  – no car needed!

Sushi Kyoto is located right across from campus on Hillcrest. It’s an easy go-to sushi option without having to drive a car. The sushi there is moderately priced and they offer a variety of different rolls, including specialty rolls and the SMU roll.  They even have ice cream tempura. It’s delicious!

Olivella’s is a pizzeria right across from campus on McFarlin and Hilcrest. The portions are for groups, so invite your friends from AARO and get to know one another over a delicious Pizza. Don’t like pizza? They also have great pasta and sandwich dishes to choose from.

Adventure for the Buds – tastes of another culture.

Located just five minutes from campus down the freeway, El Come Taco sells some of the tastiest tacos around North Dallas. While Torchy’s is definitely a place to go, people rarely talk about El Come Taco. It’s the hidden gem of Taco places in Dallas. With a great atmosphere, they have a variety of taco options ranging from breakfast tacos to lengua tacos. You can even get flan for dessert!

Zaguán is a Latin café in the heart of Oak Lawn. The restaurant has a variety of Latin treats and foods for customers to fill their tummies on. So if you’re feeling adventurous, this is definitely the café to be at.  You can pick anything from Colombian empanadas to vegetarian arepas.

Fadi’s is a great Mediterranean food option. Not only is the food great, but the food is buffet style. Get anything from hummus and bread to beef kabob tenderloins! They even host larger groups if you’re going out with an SMU organization.  The options are pretty much endless and the freshly made fruit juices hit the spot during any time of the year.

Let’s Do Brunch – because it’s an SMU thing

Oddfellows is located in South Dallas, but well worth the drive during the weekends when its open as early as 7 am and as late as 10 pm. It’s located in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas with one of the most gorgeous and quirky atmospheres! Be sure to wander around a little to get the whole experience. Oddfellows serves anything from Steak and Eggs to Red Velvet Pancakes.

Located in the heat of Dallas, the Dream Café is definitely the spot to hit up with some friends to enjoy the local atmosphere. It’s in downtown and easily accessible through the Dallas trolley. It has a very calm, intimate atmosphere for a small group of friends to venture to. If you’re craving some good coffee and brunch menu, this is the place to go on a nice day. If you don’t feel like navigating Dallas transit (which isn’t too hard), an Uber ride wouldn’t be too much either.